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Pho, B., Stevenson, R., Mohsenzadeh, Y., & Stojanoski, B. (under review). Using Machine Learning To Identify Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Development of Cognition in Children and Adolescents With ADHD


Riganello, F., Pearce, A., Lyons, K. M., Owen, A. M., Soddu, A., Stojanoski, B (under review). Differential effects of prolonged aerobic and resistance exercise on cognitive functioning in sedentary young adults. British Journal of Sports Medicine


Stojanoski, B., Emrich, S. M., Cusack, R., (under review) Representation of semantic information in ventral areas during encoding is associated with improved visual short-term memory.  BioRxiv PDF


Deng, Z., Li, Z., Gao, J., Stojanoski, B., & Chen, J. (submitted). Differential representation of “toolness” and the elongated shape of tools revealed by continuous flash suppression and backward masking. Scientific Reports

Thibeault, A., Stojanoski, B., & Emrich, S. (2024). Investigating the Effects of Perceptual Complexity Versus Conceptual Meaning on the Object Benefit in Visual Working Memory. Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience


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Nicholas J. M. Popiel , Colin Metrow , Geoffrey Laforge, Adrian M. Owen, Bobby Stojanoski* & Andrea Soddua* (2021) Exploring electroencephalography with the aid of quantum mechanics. Scientific Reports *Authors contributed equally PDF


Nichols, E. S., Erez, J., Stojanoski, B., Lyons, K. M., Witt, T. S., Mace, C. A., Khalid, S., & Owen, A M. (2021). Longitudinal white matter changes associated with cognitive training. Human Brain Mapping PDF


Houldin, E., Zhou, F., Ray, L. B., StojanoskiB.Owen, A. M., & Fogel, S. M (2021). Reversed and increased functional connectivity in non-REM sleep suggests an altered rather than reduced state of consciousness relative to wake. Scientific Reports, 11, 11943 PDF


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​Stafford, C. A., Stojanoski, B., Wild, C. J., Owen, A. M. (2020) A Specific Deficit of Inhibitory Control Associated with Self-Reported Concussion in the General Population Predicts the Profile of Cognitive Impairment in Varsity Footballers. Journal of Neurology PDF


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